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Segment 1

Segment 1 includes integrated classroom and driving instruction to learn the fundamentals and basic rules of the road.

Segment 2

Segment 2 focuses on the responsibilities of the level 2 driver, MI teen driving statistics and Road Test preparation.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are offered to suit your specific needs.

We do not perform Road Tests

For Road Tests, please visit:

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Segment 1

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Segment 1 (June 10-25, 2024) Availability

Driving Times Available
There are currently no available driving times in this segment.


Segment 1 (July 8-23, 2024) Availability

Driving Times Available
There are currently no available driving times in this segment.

Segment 2 

Next class – November 2024

SIGN-UPS open in September


Georgetown Driving School offers driver education beginning with students age 14 years 8 months old. We offer Segment 1 courses during June and July, and Segment 2 courses during March and November. Thank you for your interest in Georgetown Driving School.


As a student of Mr. Nederveld for both segment one and two, I can call myself a fairly confident driver. I thought that one of the biggest things that helped me was that he provided many real-life scenarios while driving with us on the road. He made sure that we knew every little rule, and furthered my driving knowledge more than most driving schools do. A lot of my close friends have been taught at different driving schools and one big difference between my driving and theirs is that they only know the basic rules, while I also know a lot of helpful tips and tricks. I absolutely loved learning how to drive with Mr. Nederveld and would highly recommend it.


We appreciated Mr. Nederveld’s professional outlook on providing driver’s training or our daughter. It was not only his professionalism, but his caring for our daughter that mattered so much to us. He provided solid classroom training for her, while also providing real-life experiences while practicing her driving. We were amazed at her knowledge of driving rules and habits when she drove with us. He ensured that she had practice in all areas, parking, highways, and in town. This can be a taxing and nerve racking time for kids, but Mr. Nederveld also made the experience enjoyable. As parents, we were even able to watch Sydney practice driving to our house, which was a highlight for our entire family. He also encouraged us to participate in community events that brought in teenage speakers that had major things happen to them due to poor decisions while driving. All of these opportunities, in class and outside of class, have helped mold our daughter into a future driver. It’s a scary process as a parent, and Mr. Nederveld has helped us feel better about the entire process.


Our son has completed both segments one and two at Georgetown Driving School. We were very pleased with Mr. Nederveld’s instruction, both in the classroom and on the road. Our son gained valuable experiences driving to Holland, Zeeland, Jamestown, Rivertown Parkway, and Grand Rapids. We are pleased to recommend Mr. Nederveld and Georgetown Driving School to anyone considering enrollment in the program.


We had a wonderful experience with Georgetown Driving School! Our son enjoyed both the class time and behind the wheel time! We felt like he was very well prepared to practice driving once he obtained his permit. We appreciated how convenient the classes and class times were and Brad is very organized and informative. We would highly recommend Georgetown Driving School!


We chose Georgetown Driving School for all of our children, and we have recommended it to our friends. We really appreciated the personal attention Mr. Nederveld gave to each student. He truly mentored them, both in the classroom and on the road.


Georgetown Driving School was absolutely perfect for our needs. Personal, patient, caring, and obviously deeply invested in our teen’s success, we couldn’t have asked for a better person/situation for our sensitive, insecure daughter to conquer her fears. Bless you, Brad, and may your business increase exponentially!


My oldest son took driver’s ed with Mr. Nederveld a few years ago. He enjoyed Mr. Nederveld’s friendly, engaging personality and easy to follow teaching style. I remember that my son was very impressed by the stories and videos shared to teach the importance of safe driving. He seemed to have a thorough grasp of the principles of driving when he drove with me after completing this class and has been doing a great job driving ever since. My second son took driver’s ed elsewhere so he could take it with friends. He was bored out of his mind by the lectures, which I do not think is conducive to good learning. I am pleased to have my third son already signed up for driver’s ed with Mr. Nederveld. Another thing I appreciate about this teacher is that he is very accessible. He always gets right back with to me when I have questions or scheduling problems. I heartily recommend Mr. Nederveld!