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Segment 1

Segment 1 is a combination of classroom and behind-the-wheel experience. During the limited time we have, your son or daughter will be exposed to many different driving experiences from parallel parking to entering the expressway. In a brief six hours of behind-the-wheel driving, he/she cannot be exposed to every possible driving situation that they will encounter as drivers. It is important that parents and instructors work together to teach good driving habits and attitudes. I encourage you to have your son/daughter ride in the passenger seat and observe your driving and the situations you encounter. This will help them become more alert and confident before they get into the driver education vehicle.


  • 14 years 8 months of age
  • Permission from parent/guardian
  • Health form
  • Parent Waiver
  • Segment 1 Application

The health form and parent waiver must be completed prior to your son/daughters road driving experience. The health form does not require a physician’s signature, but must be filled out and signed by the parent or legal guardian of the teenage driver. The state of MI requires 20/40 vision for all driving students. Consult your eye doctor or the Ottawa County Health Department if you question your child’s vision. The health dept. offers free vision screening once a month at the Hudsonville office on Port Sheldon. For more information feel free to call them at 669-0040.  If you cannot get into the doctor or the health department before driver ed. begins, we will have a Snellen eye chart to check your child’s vision.

Cost: $550